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Why Move to Farmington? 10 Reasons…

For years, Farmington CT has been the best choice for centrally-located homes in Connecticut – at Stephen Realty, we have decided to give you some of what our customers have said are the best reasons to move here.

1. Great Location

Central to much of what makes this state great – Farmington is just the right distance to business and recreation and boasts great classic New England charm. Close to Hartford, Middletown, Waterbury and just a short drive to New Haven, New York or Boston, Farmington really has it all when it comes to a great centralized CT location.

2. Terrific Schools

With a rating of 9/10 Farmington School system ranks within the top schools in the state of Connecticut.  With the updated facilities, excellent teacher to student ratio, and attentiveness to each child’s education and progress, Farmington school systems has been and will continue to provide superior schooling for your child/children.


3. Excellent Home Value Retention

Farmington home values have held steady and are predicted to be on the rise within the coming years.  The population in this town has continued to rise for the last 180 years and still rising today.  This is positive for the value of homes since there are always new people looking to move into Farmington.


4. Shops, Restaurants and Commerce

With close proximity to the West Farms Mall you will be sure to have all your shopping needs met.  Top rated Italian, Chinese, and American cuisine just around to corner to ensure that all your dining needs are met.  All down Route 4 in Farmington are various shopping centers and restaurants for your choosing very close to your home.


5. Town Amenities

The town of Farmington offers several town services for its residence.  Some of those include the Farmington Library, Farmington Valley health district, Farmington Historical Society, and the Farmington Land Trust.  There is also the Farmington Recreation center where families can come together and enjoy a wide variety of services from sports, yoga, art, martial arts, and golf to name a few.


6. Nearby Fun

There are several public parks within and close to Farmington.  Lake Compounce the oldest running park in America is just a few miles away and can ensure a summer of great fun.  During the winter time there are several places to ski and snowboard around as well as hills to go sledding.


7. Recreation

The Farmington town hall lists a number of excellent adult and youth recreation programs; from basketball to lacrosse, swim team and more.  The town is also known for miles of biking and hiking trails, including the gateway to one of CT’s longest “rails-to-trails” paved bicycle path. Be sure to check out the Hill-Stead Museum or grab a cone at Farmington Miniature Golf and Ice Cream Parlor.


8. The View

There is much to see in the town of Farmington, which has the close proximity to all your major needs without the clutter that may come with it.  The Farmington River runs through the town from the northwest from Burlington, enters Unionville, then takes a sharp turn near Farmington Center and flows north towards Avon.  You can visit some breathtaking views at Rattlesnake Mountain, Farmington Mountain, and Talcott Mountains.  The Metacomet Trail, a hiking trail, contains several rock walls that are great for rock climbing and becoming one with nature.


9. Conservation

Farmington as a community has worked hard to preserve its wetlands and other historical sites.  The community is also set its goals on making Farmington the most energy-efficient community in the State of Connecticut.  This community has a vested interest in preserving its lands to ensure that the peaceful, clean, and eco-conscious city that is known for will continue for many generations to come.


10. Location Location Location

I think we have already covered this one, but let’s drive the point home: the 3 most important things when buying a home are Location, Location, Location! Many things about your new home can be changed, customzied, updated, but the one thing that will rarely (or never) change is where that home is located!  In other words, if you have the RIGHT home in the RIGHT place, it just makes sense!

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